My name is Paul Brayshaw and I am a wood and leather worker living and working in Dorset, specialising in making a range of wooden usable items. I am really excited by the process of working with natural materials to produce beautiful objects of practical use. Truly sustainable, I work mainly with locally-sourced hardwoods and vegetable tanned UK leather.

Greenwood Work

I produce a range of wooden spoons and kitchen utensils, small stools & coppice products including garden plant labels, door wedges etc. I work entirely by hand using traditional tools and methods. 

Designed for everyday use, my hand carved spoons and spatulas are finished with food safe oils. They can be simply washed-up in hot, soapy water taking care to allow them to dry before putting away. Occasionally you may wish to rub in a light coat of salad bowl oil or food safe as the wood mellows, developing a patina that only time and use can provide.

A selection of small spoons sold for £10 each

Each wooden item is handcrafted and unique”

Paul Brayshaw

Wood Turning

I produce a range of wooden bowls, pot-purri air freshener bowls, light pulls and goblets. These are mainly made where possible from locally sources hardwoods. These can be finished with food safe oil or highly polished with wax.

A selection of bowls

Leather Working

slip sheath and mora 120 knife
Mora 120 knife with leather slip sheath

I learnt basic leather craft from Rob Exton a few years ago, and now make a selection of hand sewn item, including knife sheaths to suit Mora Bushcraft and carving knives. I can make custom axe sheaths to suit any axes, I just need the axe to make a template. I also make leather notebook covers and slip covers for field note books. I use UK produced veg tan leather for all my products each is hand sewn using saddle stitch to provide it strength.